Mary (pseudonym)
Chad and Martha Earl
John and Rebecca (pseudonymns) 

Mary is currently learning the primary language in a country in Asia.  She is halfway through language school, and then hopes to move to a new location within the country, where she will learn yet another language.  Mary’s goal is to work among an unreached people group, as a teacher in a private school.

Chad and Martha are planning on joining the Muellers and Rimestads in PNG, living among the Maliyali tribe.  The goal will be to spend the next 15 to 25 years there, learn their language and culture, and ultimately plant a fully functional church. These pictures show the arrival of the other two families on site, with the Maliyali tribe.                              
John and Rebecca are applying for visas and preparing to go to Southeast Asia, to learn the primary language,  then  begin a business.